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Join us for this free video training series that will introduce you to the essential steps that you need to up your game and create more engaging and meaningful courses that drive business results. This online series will transform your elearning practice by providing you with a proven framework and new strategies to create better and more engaging courses that produce results.


Elearning Instructional Design Certification


This 6 week training and exam that will allow you to be certified as an Elearning Instructional Designer.

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Elearning Developer Certification

(Coming soon)

This 6 week training and exam that will allow you to be certified as an Elearning Developer – because being a developer is more than knowing a tool.

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Elearning Rock Star Ongoing Community and Resources

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Enter our members area for downloadable templates and resources to move your learning to the next level. This subscription provides you with our actual templates, worksheets, tools and resources we use in our practice. It also includes a community of practice group and a weekly podcast.

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The Fastest Way for You (& Your Business) To Learn How to Design and Develop Elearning Courses Through Easy to Watch Videos!

This first course will teach all Elearning Practitioners who work in a learning environment how to create more engaging and meaningful courses that produce results.This free video course will introduce you to the five step framework to help you launch your courses more effectively as well as on time and on budget. This exact framework has been working with hundreds of clients that provides a solid map to achieve success in launching many courses despite challenges and obstacles that come up in every project. Let’s face it, most companies and departments don’t have an unlimited budget and oodles of time to create courses – this framework will ensure you create engaging courses AND get them completed on time and within budget every time.




What You’ll Discover In This First FREE Course:

  • 5 steps of the Elearning Design Framework
  • The map/blueprint to getting started within the framework
  • The #1 secret ingredient to designing and building better courses
  • Find out the most important skill you need to have as an Elearning Practitioner that makes you produce more impactful results

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What Others Are Saying About Courses

“Thank you for creating this training. I gained a lot of valuable tools that I will be able to use in my career going forward.” – Barb

“TLS Learning’s course is the most beneficial training I have taken as an elearning professional. For over 5 years I have tried to enhance my instructional design skills by enrolling in various training seminars only to be disappointed because there were never any tools or resources that I could walk away and use on my projects. The Instructional Design Certification course provided templates for deliverables throughout the entire elearning process start to finish. It also provided examples for how to handle some tough topics like conversations with SME’s. If you are looking for a course that provides practical tips and resources that you can use as well as examples of HOW to approach the elearning process, then this course is for you!”

“This is a great program and I picked up very practical and specific things I can immediately apply to my elearning practice.”